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BUI to participate in first Identity Management Day

BUI is pleased to announce that it will participate in the first Identity Management Day, an annual awareness event that will take place on the second Tuesday in April every year. The inaugural Identity Management Day will be held on 13 April 2021.

Founded by the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), the mission of Identity Management Day is to educate business leaders and IT decision-makers on the importance of identity management and key components including governance, identity-centric security best practices, processes, and technology, with a special focus on the dangers of not properly securing identities and access credentials.

In addition, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) will provide guidance for consumers, to ensure that their online identities are better protected through security awareness, best practices, and readily available technologies.

“Raising awareness around identity management is especially critical after a barrage of identity-based breaches made headlines in the past year,” said Julie Smith, the executive director of the IDSA. “In fact, research by the IDSA reveals that 79 percent of organisations have experienced an identity-related breach in the last two years, and 99 percent believe their identity-related breaches were preventable.”

Smith continued: “Compounding this, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated digital transformation initiatives that support changes in how we work and how we live day-to-day, putting organisations at greater risk. Our hope is that Identity Management Day will result in higher prioritisation of identity security and, as a result, fewer data breaches in 2021 and beyond. We are grateful for all of the support from the IDSA and NCSA member companies, and the broader industry, to further this mission.”

BUI is proud to be an Identity Management Day Champion Organisation alongside leading technology companies from around the world. “It’s imperative for businesses to have identity and access management strategies that can stand up to the modern threat landscape,” said BUI Managing Director Ryan Roseveare. “Identity Management Day is an opportunity to put your own IAM policies under the microscope, to improve them where necessary, and to educate your teams about the importance of identity security.”

To support Identity Management Day on 13 April, BUI will share identity and security resources (including how-to tips and tutorials) on its FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

Learn more about Identity Management Day on the official website, or check out the #IDMgmtDay and #BeIdentitySmart hashtags on social media.

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BUI secures Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded the Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization from Microsoft in recognition of our proven expertise and experience in deploying Microsoft Identity workloads with Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft introduced the Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization in November last year. The accreditation acknowledges Microsoft Partners who have demonstrated premier technical capabilities and the highest standards of service in delivering secure, unified access management solutions for customers.

“Identity and access management is an essential part of an effective security strategy,” explains Willem Malan, our chief technology officer. “As enterprises continue to embrace digital transformation to enable the new world of work, the ability to manage user identities and safeguard access to business assets is more important than ever before. We are committed to helping our customers leverage the full power of the Microsoft cloud to streamline and secure user access,” he says.

Remote productivity remains a key focus area for organisations around the world, especially as coronavirus protocols continue to impact the way work is done. “Enterprises are solidifying and expanding their remote-work strategies to allow not only employees, but also suppliers, vendors, and external collaborators to access corporate assets from home, or indeed wherever they are,” notes Malan. “And that means making sure their identity and access management systems are robust enough to handle the intricacies of the modern workplace,” he adds.

One of the biggest challenges for customers, continues Malan, is giving the right people the right access to the right resources – at the right time, every time. “Enterprises need to be able to control, protect, monitor, and review user access across the board, but that can be difficult without a central control plane. Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory is a richly featured platform that puts identity at the core of access management to reduce the complexity and cost of safeguarding the business environment.”

The Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization is our newest Microsoft accreditation, and complements our existing Windows Virtual Desktop and Adoption and Change Management capabilities. “We have amplified our abilities to provide even more support to our customers with comprehensive, cloud-powered solutions to make user authentication seamless and secure,” concludes Malan.

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